The fastest way to review and approve task media assets in Teamwork Check out how TaskReviewer makes it easy.

TaskReviewer makes it incrediblywonderfullyextremely easy to manage the approval process in Teamwork.

Create Review in your Teamwork Task
Invite Reviewers (Teamwork Users & Guests)
Get Feedback - Visually, reviewers can annotate and discuss
Job Done!

and more...

We are constantly adding new filetypes that we support! At the moment you can review and annotate the following file types in TaskReviewer for Teamwork;

Document Files

doc, docm, docx,dot, dotm, dotx, epub, fb2 ,fodt, mht, odt, ott, pdf, rtf, txt, xps, xml


csv ,fods ,ods ,ots ,xls ,xlsm ,xlsx ,xlt ,xltm ,xltx

Presentation File Formats

fodp ,odp ,otp ,pot ,potm ,potx ,pps ,ppsm ,ppsx ,ppt ,pptm ,pptx


png, jpeg, jpg



And more coming soon!

We don’t charge per user! Our pricing model is based on the number of active reviews you have.

We only count reviews that you have open on active tasks towards your account limits. Reviews and tasks that are marked completed, or closed/locked reviews do not count towards your active limits.

TaskReviewer is easy to use and comes with a 14 day free trial, but we are more than happy to offer a demo and walk through if you would like to see it in action.

Book a session when suits you to get a demo of TaskReviewer.

Are you ready to streamlinerevolutionizetransform your Teamwork Task Approval Process with TaskReviewer...

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