Big Changes in our latest release of TaskReviewer!

Big Changes in our latest release of TaskReviewer!

Some big changes in our release with great functionality. The hot ticket item is you can now close a review – this locks it and prevents further changes! (You can still open the review to see comments and annotations!)

Web App v0.1.24
– Add Description block to Users Manager Screen below users table
– Display only those users for an invite, who have logged into teamwork at least once.
– Solved intermittent file move issue.
– Add a checkbox in the company for selecting all people of that company in the invite-user area of the webapp.
– Add review close functionality – you can now lock a review when it’s completed to prevent further changes to it!

Extension – 0.2.95
* Add Close review functionality.

Custom domain Extension – 0.2.96
* Add Close review functionality.

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